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We have engineered wastewater treatment and biosolids management projects for large and small municipalities and industries as well as sanitary districts, towns, villages, and institutions throughout the United States, with concentration in the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Texas.

We provide plan preparation, design, and construction services, as well as assistance in procuring project financing and in presenting our client’s interests at meetings with local and state governmental officials.

Public works and private development projects are becoming more complex as environmental awareness increases and environmental regulations expand. Recognizing this, we provide an environmentally-integrated approach to project implementation that allows construction to proceed harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

Key Benefits

• We have completed more than 300 plants within the last 20 years; aggregate value exceeding $1 billion.

• We provide initial plan development, preparation of plans and specifications, services during construction, and training of plant operators. We are familiar with many state and federal financial aid programs.

• We have received significant recognition from engineering societies and governmental agencies for quality design solutions to complex needs.

• We also provide review, negotiation, and representation of owners for negotiations and reissuance of State and National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits.

• We help our clients develop industrial pretreatment programs, user charge systems, sewer use ordinances, and complete vulnerability assessments.

• We provide consultancy on plant operations and troubleshooting.

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Asset Management

We provide a variety of asset management services to assist clients in the critical task of effectively managing wastewater infrastructure assets within the constraints of fiscal budgets. We help clients develop programs that anticipate potential infrastructure...

Collection System Modeling

We have extensive experience with dynamic modeling of hydraulically-complex wastewater collection systems. Models we use include XPSWMM, SewerCAD, InfoWorks, Hydra, and simple spreadsheets. The impact of wet-weather events (rainfall and snow melt) upon...


One of our areas of specialization in the environmental engineering field is conveyance and pumping of wastewater and stormwater, as either combined sewer or separate sanitary and stormwater systems. Our experience includes a wide range of projects, from...

I/I and SSES

Prior to beginning design of most significant conveyance projects, we complete a comprehensive report or planning study to identify current and future conveyance facility needs. These reports and studies are often preceded by extensive flow monitoring...


Permitting assistance can significantly reduce compliance costs and keep projects moving forward. As a leader in the wastewater industry, we regularly assist clients with a wide range of permitting issues associated with the construction of wastewater...

Process Modeling

Wastewater process modeling has become a key tool in the efficient and effective design of modern wastewater treatment facilities, and we have been using computer-generated process modeling for wastewater projects for more than a decade. We have extensive...

Regulatory Compliance

We offer various compliance services that enable facilities to comply with local, state, and federal regulations, while realizing cost savings through operational changes, and identify practices that have high environmental liability. Typical environmental...


Wastewater engineering has been a core service provided by our firm since our establishment in 1946. Our success has been attributed to sound application of engineering principles, which leads to well-designed and operated WWTPs and conveyance facilities....

Watershed Management

We have specialized in environmental consulting for more than 70 years and are well qualified to complete many types of environmental science and engineering projects related to surface and groundwater quality. We have the capabilities to perform watershed...

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