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Strand Confrences

Our staff is active professionally. We attend conferences to expand our knowledge and remain on the forefront of technology and solutions, and to also share our knowledge and experiences through presentations that showcase noteworthy projects or topics. Please visit our Contact Us page to be connected with the appropriate staff member to learn more about their presentation topic. 


American Water Works Association (AWWA) Illinois Section Watercon Total Water Conference 2021 – August 9-12 in Springfield, IL

At this conference, we plan to present: Wastewater Refresher for Class 3/4, by Tim Juskiewicz; SCADA 101, by Brent Studnicka; SCADA 202 – PLCs, Controllers, and I/O by Brent Studnicka; SCADA 203 – Operator Interfaces & Reporting also by Brent Studnicka; A Shortcut to Nitrogen Removal Process for a Wisconsin Wastewater Treatment Plant by Dominic Gattone; and Finding Value Through a Phased Construction Approach – Channahon WWTP Improvements also by Dominic Gattone. 

2021 Indiana Water Environment Association (IWEA) Annual Conference – August 25-27 in Fort Wayne, IN

At this conference, we plan to present: Getting the Most out of Your Secondary Clarifier Capacity – Understanding Key Operational Fundamentals and Controls by Maritza Villalobos-Lopez; ORP Brings Operational Value at WWTPs and More by Kevin Earnest; BPR Emerging Technologies Part 1: A Technological Review by Emily Summers; and BPR Emerging Technologies Part 2: Practical Applications by Travis Maupin.

Wisconsin Rural Water Association (WRWA) 2021 Annual Technical Conference – August 31-September 3 in La Crosse, WI

We will have a booth at this conference. 

Indiana Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management (INAFSM) Annual Conference – September 15-17 in Evansville, IL

American Water Works Association (AWWA) Wisconsin Section 2021 Annual Conference – September 20-24

At this conference, we plan to present: Rapid Water System Expansion for Small Systems: Village of Lannon Case Study by Ben Wood.

Wisconsin Wastewater Operators’ Association (WWOA) – October 5-8 in La Crosse, WI

At this conference, we plan to present Facility Upgrade Optimizes New and Repurposes Existing Space to Solve Treatment Needs by Randy Langer; Flattening the Curve: A Comprehensive Look at I/I Investigation by Ryan Yentz; Fits Like a Glove; Headworks Design Overcomes Limited Space in Existing Building by Travis Anderson; and Full Scale Low P Pilot at WI POTW with Industrial Wastewater by Troy Larson. We will also have a booth at this conference. 


Past Presentations

Iowa Water Conference 2021: Building Resilience for Water and People – April 6-8 in Virtual Format

We presented: Water Quality Trading: Requirements, Case Studies, and Lessons Learned by Travis Anderson.

Illinois Wastewater Professionals Conference 2021: Together for Clean Water – April 19-30 in Virtual Format

We presented: Finding Value Through a Phased Construction Approach – Channahon Watewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Improvements by Dominic Gattone and Implementing BPR Using Existing Infrastructure for the Village of Cary, Illinois, by Michael Ott. 

Waukesha County Stormwater Workshop – April 20-21 in Virtual Format

We presented: Innovative Green Infrastructure Beneath the Marquette Interchange by Anna Sunderland and Ecological Restoration of Stormwater Infrastructure in UW-Madison Arboretum by Jon Lindert.

Ohio Water Environment Association 2021 Collections Workshop – May 4 in Dublin, OH

Central States Water Environment Association (CSWEA) 94th Annual Meeting –  May 17-20 in Virtual Format

We presented: Naperville Streambank Stabilization Virtual Tour by Mike Waldron; Mokena WWTP Phase 1 Improvements – Bidding Challenging WWTP Improvements During the Challenges of 2020 by Timothy Juskiewicz; and Intensify! Membrane Bioreactors Expand Capacity by Glenn Tranowski. 

Ohio Stormwater Conference 2021 – May 20-21 in Hybrid Format: Held in Sandusky, Ohio and in Virtual Format

We presented: Lick Run Valley Conveyance System Construction and Lessons Learned by John Lyons and Innovative Green Infrastructure Beneath Milwaukee’s Marquette Interchange by Anna Sunderland.

2021 Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers Annual Conference – July 21-23 in Lexington, KY

We presented: City of Frankfort – 2nd Street TIGER Grant by Chase Wright and City of Frankfort representative; CWP Clean Water by Paul Maron and GRW representative; and Florence WW Master Plan, also by Paul Maron and City of Florence representative. 

Ohio Water Environment Association (OWEA) and Ohio American Water Works Association (OAWWA) One Water Technical Conference – July 26-29 in Cincinnati, OH

We presented: Fostoria, OH, LTCP Improvements by Adam Athmer and Portsmouth, OH, Slip Lining of Large Diameter Main by Kris Ruggles.

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