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Our transportation services include planning, designing, and administering construction of local streets and rural highways, major urban arterials, U.S. and state highways, tollways, and the interstate system.  Services on these projects have involved traffic analysis and modeling, public involvement, alternative development, safety analyses, environmental assessments of documentation, structures, pavements, utilities, lighting, traffic signals, stormwater management, and green initiative systems.  Our staff has the expertise to provide quality plans and specifications, design reports, environmental assessments, and special studies that state and federal procedures require.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of elements included in today’s more complex transportation projects, such as feasibility studies, environmental assessments and impact statements, traffic analyses, public outreach programs, and right-of-way planning and acquisition, agency coordination, construction engineering and administration, and overall project management.

Key Benefits

• We have the knowledge of local, state, and federal transportation regulations and are familiar with the corresponding agencies to maintain cooperation and coordination to complete projects on-time and cost effectively.

• Our staff includes experts in all phases of traffic planning, road and bridge design, and construction management.

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Our Aviation services include plan development, design, and construction management for more than 50 General Aviation (GA) airports. We are experienced in applying FAA and state DOT guidelines in accomplishing GA airport improvements.  Since the 1970s, … Learn More

Airport Planning

Our firm has led and prepared several Airport Development Plan (ADP) reports, wherein we provide airport owners airport management tools and detailed guidance for airport infrastructure development for typical 10-15 year periods. These reports have mirrored… Learn More

Facility Extensions / Expansions

Runway and parallel taxiway extensions, as well as apron expansions, are made primarily based on aircraft demand. Our firm has designed these infrastructure improvements for aircraft ranging from 12,500-pound single wheel to 90,000-pound dual-wheel loadings,… Learn More

Hangars and Fuel Farms

Revenue-producing infrastructure development greatly assists airport owners in providing long-term cash flows. These constant revenues aid airport owners in solidifying local political support for their airports and help fund needed future pavement rehabilitation… Learn More

Lighting Improvements

Typical GA airport lighting includes rotating beacons, lit wind cones, edge/threshold lighting, guide signs, approach lighting, electrical vaults/equipment, security lighting, backup generators, and LED lighting (when appropriate to reduce maintenance… Learn More

Pavement Rehabilitation

Proper airfield pavement rehabilitation is a process that involves budget availability, materials testing, alternatives analysis, detailed specifications, and construction management.  Our firm has designed pavement rehabilitation improvements for more … Learn More

Bike and Pedestrian Facilities

Bike and pedestrian paths are often accommodated as part of our road projects and are increasingly becoming popular as stand-alone projects. These facilities accommodate a mix of users, including bikers, pedestrians, joggers, wheelchairs, baby strollers, … Learn More

Bridges and Structures

We provide plan development, design, and construction services for bridges. After an in-depth inspection, anticipated costs have often justified rehabilitation over replacement. This option saves money and often can extend the life of the structure a… Learn More

Environmental Compliance

We routinely guide clients through the regulatory process, helping them earn project approvals and preventing project delays. Our team of environmental specialists manages the process. Our broad range of environmental compliance services include the following:

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We understand the importance of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and its diverse applications. ITS systems can provide:

Measurable benefits to travelers.
Help minimizing traveler delay with reliable real-time route information.
Real-time… Learn More

Public Involvement

We build stakeholder relationships with local planners, transportation professionals, city administrators, and the public that are productive, up-front, and at a level appropriate for the scope associated with a project. We present information accurately … Learn More


We routinely complete right-of-way plats for various federal, state, and municipal projects.  Plats are in conformance with the appropriate facilities development manuals and plat guides. Subdivision plats for developers and municipalities are completed … Learn More


Successful roundabout solutions require specialized expertise that is based on both qualitative guidelines and specific standards. As a nationally recognized expert, our engineers understand the importance and interdependence of the sizing, markings,… Learn More

Rural Highways

Our staff help DOTs and counties maintain and enhance their rural highway system. We are fully knowledgeable about federal funding requirements and can help clients with projects ranging from resurfacing to multi-lane freeway/expressway conversion. Our… Learn More


We own state-of-the-art electronic surveying instruments and utilize computer-based coordinate geometry and surveying programs in the execution of our surveying work.

State-of-the-art equipment includes the new generation High Definition survey system… Learn More


We provide engineering design and construction-related services for a wide array of tollway projects. Everything from lane widening and alignment modifications to toll plazas to interchanges and entry and exit ramps. We have designed new superstructures,… Learn More

Traffic Signals

We have provided plan development, design, and construction services for a wide-range of traffic signal projects. Our experience has included hundreds of permanent and temporary traffic signals, and the integration of innovative features, such as Adaptive… Learn More


We have been providing leading edge traffic engineering and transportation planning services for more than 20 years. Our full-service transportation staff has grown to more than 80 professionals and spanning all of our 11 offices. We take pride in the… Learn More

Urban Arterials

Our comprehensive engineering services have helped communities transform their urban arterials to accommodate multi-modal transportation and revitalize their downtown or commercial corridors. Our services in this area include the following:

Alternatives… Learn More

Urban Freeways

We help clients succeed in delivering high quality urban freeways, whether it is through expansion, reconstruction, or rehabilitation. Our services in this arena include the following:

Complex interchange design

Single point urban… Learn More

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