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Water supply is a major focus of our environmental services. We provide a complete range of supply, storage, pumping, distribution, treatment, security, and supervisory system control services, from planning phase, through design, and into construction. In addition, we prepare comprehensive water system study and distribution system analyses, vulnerability assessments, water loss studies, distribution and water quality models, field investigations, loan and financing plans, and other specialty studies.

Key Benefits

• Extensive experience with both large and small capacity systems.

• Expertise and experience in developing surface water and groundwater drinking water supplies.

• Extensive experience with rural and urban water systems.

• Expertise in many non-technical elements, such as public relations, permits, project financing, and easement acquisitions.

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Corrosion Control

Aging infrastructure, changes in water chemistry, and switching sources are some of the many circumstances that may lead to water distribution system corrosion or scaling. Our qualified staff has assisted numerous Utilities in evaluating the potential… Learn More


Our water main work for clients has ranged from threading replacement mains through existing utility crowded streets to preparing plans for new subdivisions to allow critical development to proceed. Our projects have included everything from extension… Learn More

Hydraulic Modeling

We have unmatched experience in the creation and evaluation of water system models. We have completed models for communities with 400 to more than 200,000 customers and have developed both stand-alone hydraulic models as well as models that work in conjunction … Learn More

Source Supply

Whether groundwater or surface water, our engineers are routinely assisting clients with investigating, testing, and developing new sources of water supply. We have designed more than 100 new water wells, from shallow sand and gravel wells, to intermediate… Learn More

System Master Planning

We are recognized as experts in the analysis and evaluation of water systems through master planning.

We have conducted many master planning efforts for populations ranging from 400 to more than 200,000. Water system master planning establishes a guide… Learn More

Water Storage

Throughout our history, we have completed numerous water storage facilities, including tanks of different shapes, styles, and sizes. Elevated storage has consisted of the modern single-pedestal tank to the more simple standpipes. Tank sizes have ranged… Learn More

Water Treatment

Considered experts in water treatment, our engineers have the experience needed to implement treatment strategies to handle issues ranging from simple nuisance contaminants to complex problems such as VOC’s and challenging surface water sources. Our g… Learn More

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