The reconstruction of West Jackson Street presented an opportunity to transform a key arterial roadway within the downtown area of Wisconsin Rapids. Enhancing pedestrian and bicycle modes of transportation was an important consideration, given the importance of the roadway as one of only two Wisconsin River crossings downtown. Design elements that enhanced both pedestrian and bicycle accommodations included reducing the number of travel lanes, shortening pedestrian crossing lengths, and inclusion of a shared-use path for the length of the project. A single-lane roundabout was also provided at the intersection of 4th Avenue and West Jackson Street. Additionally, the project resulted in a reduction of the total impervious area and provided grass areas where none existed previously.

The project complements design recommendations in the City’s Downtown Waterfront Plan that envisioned providing a consistent theme and streetscape for redevelopment of the west and east sides of the downtown. The project also provides multimodal options for people destined for the recently constructed YMCA adjacent to the project.