After a 2014 study confirmed Hope, IN was losing 45 percent of the water it purchased, the town elected to replace approximately 14,000 feet of aging 80-year-old water main. Since 90 percent of the water main needing to be replaced was beneath roads, several local roads were milled and resurfaced at the time of construction, reducing future construction costs by ensuring the roads would remain in good condition for years to come.

The town has already seen nearly a 20 percent reduction (40,000 gallons per day) in water usage, as many of the pipes that were replaced had been leaking and contributing to the town’s water loss. “We’re already seeing a dividend, day-to-day,” said JT Doane, the Town Manager for Hope. “The amount of water we’re saving is phenomenal, and it’s crystal clear that this process has increased efficiency and this larger undertaking was the best solution to repair the system.”

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