Haw Creek Trail Connection in Columbus, IN, has been selected as the 2017 award recipient in the category of Outstanding Transportation Project from the Indiana Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), which oversees federal transportation funds in large metropolitan areas.  It provides a safe connection along the People Trail System in a scenic area away from traffic by relocating the trail under the 25th Street Bridge over Haw Creek, following the creek bank, and then making a crossing further downstream in the Lincoln Park area tying into the existing trail.

There are many unique features to this trail to accomplish the overall goals. First and foremost is the use of a historic truss bridge to make the creek crossing. Bartholomew County Bridge 26, a camelback-thru truss has been relocated from the eastern portion of the county and will be rehabilitated and used as part of the People Trail.

Second is the extensive use of retaining walls. At the creek crossing, there is a significant elevation difference from one bank to the other. MSE walls are being used on the east side of the creek to support the trail approach to the bridge and minimize the project footprint in the floodway for easier permitting. As the trail approaches the 25th Street underpass, a combination of modular block wall and concrete-faced sheet pile wall is used. The wall needed will be more than 10 feet tall in some areas. In order to preserve as much commercial area adjacent to the new trail as practical, a sheet pile wall will be used so that large amounts of right of way are not needed for wall tiebacks.

Finally, where the trail begins is at the intersection of 25th Street and US 31. A switchback is located at this point to provide access to the commercial locations along both corridors. There is very little room in this area and careful consideration was needed to comply with ADA requirements of cross slope and grade.  For more project information or how we can help with a similar project, please contact us.