Yahara Watershed Improvement Network (WINS) recently launched a new video to explain how wastewater treatment plants, municipal stormwater departments, and others are collaborating on a compliance option called “watershed adaptive management” to reduce phosphorus loadings in the Yahara River watershed. This compliance option is available to wastewater treatment plants that meet specific requirements. The Department of Natural Resources allows municipal stormwater permit holders to join a group watershed adaptive management effort if it is led by a wastewater treatment authority.

Recently, Strand performed an evaluation of phosphorus compliance alternatives for the Stoughton Utilities wastewater treatment plant and recommended joining Yahara WINS because it was the compliance alternative that had the lowest total cost and the greatest nonmonetary benefits. Nonmonetary benefits include habitat improvements, Yahara River water quality improvements, and a reduced carbon footprint compared to expanding the wastewater treatment plant to remove phosphorus.

Strand also provides consulting services to several municipal stormwater permit holders in the watershed that are partners in Yahara WINs. These include the Village of Waunakee, the Town of Westport, the Town of Pleasant Springs, the Town of Dunn, the Cities of Monona and Stoughton, and UW-Madison. For additional information about these services, please email us.