With the goal to provide a safe bicycle and pedestrian system, the Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, Nicholasville, and Jessamine County partnered with Strand to complete a multi-modal study of Wilmore Road/KY 39.  This heavily traveled 5.5-mile corridor is home to eight schools, yet only had four stop controlled intersections to slow vehicle progression and very limited sidewalk.

The study recommended traffic calming/pedestrian refugee islands/traffic control to facilitate highway
crossings, rural separated shared-use paths, urban bike design considerations for the downtown section, and multiple bicycle and pedestrian options for the US 27 by-pass interchange. This planning effort received tremendous public and political support and is expected to help catalyze future bicycle and pedestrian initiatives for this fast-growing community. For the full article, see page 8-9 in the Nicholasville Community Report or email us at marketing@strand.com