The needs assessment of the City of Athens Water Treatment Plant (WTP) that we prepared reviewed process equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation, and controls. The assessment identified needs and deficiencies as well as provided recommendations for projects to address the identified issues. Costs were also developed for equipment and materials, installation, and structural modifications. The assessment was reviewed with the City and items prioritized to develop two separate projects.

The first project included replacing the existing high service pumps and motors, pneumatically-operated control valves for the filters and softeners with electrically-actuated valves, and all existing flow meters. We also upgraded the entire electrical distribution system with a new 277/480V electrical service. A new standby generator, 190kW solar photovoltaic system, and programmable logic controller (PLC)-based control system were also installed. The existing filter and softener consoles were upgraded to allow for both manual and automatic control of the filters and softeners.

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