The City of Fairmont is a community of approximately 50,000 in north-central West Virginia. We provided plan development, design, and construction-related services for corrective action planning, expert witness, and general water system services.

The corrective actions resulted in several positive steps towards addressing membrane filtration system capacity, including development of a Comprehensive Corrective Action Plan; successful implementation of emergency and short-term corrective actions to sustain existing facility capacity; and long-term corrective actions. Specifically, the long-term corrective actions  included a 15 MGD pretreatment facility for chemical treatment, new rapid mix equipment, solids contact clarification, prescreening ahead of the new membrane treatment facility, lightning protection, electrical and control modifications, HVAC improvements within the chemical and membrane treatment areas to reduce corrosion, and addition of Train No. 5 membrane filtration equipment.

Finally, the existing 10 MGD facility underwent a complete membrane change-out to enable the plant to produce 15 MGD using the corrected infrastructure.

In addition, we assisted the City with funding agency and ARRA requirements, permitting agency submittals, public meeting presentations, lead repairs, chemical resistance coatings, structural modifications, and piping material replacements and rehabilitations.

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