We were hired by the Village of Capron to help improve its water system. A loan and grants from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development (USDA RD) were used to finance the improvements because this would enable the Village to address several issues cost efficiently through one funding program.

Well and Well Facility
The Village had only one active well and was unable to perform adequate maintenance on its existing well (Well No. 2). A major pump or motor failure or well hole emergency would leave the Village without a source of supply. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency recommended that emergency use Well No. 1 be abandoned and replaced with a new well that could meet the Village’s maximum-day demand if Well No. 2 was out of service.

After investigating the shallow aquifer, a deep well with a capacity of 600 gpm, matching that of Well No. 2, was ultimately recommended. The well facility included an exterior pitless adapter and fluoride, polyphosphate, and chlorine chemical rooms, a piping and valve room, a SCADA area, standby power, storage areas, and a bathroom.

The new well project also included design of a new SCADA system, which with an antenna mounted on the water tower and at the Well No. 3 site and new control panels at the Well No. 2 facility, provides efficient monitoring and control of Well No. 2, the water tower, and Well No. 3. We worked with the Village to prepare the screens and alarms that enable the Village to effectively operate its water system from a central location.

Water Tower Rehabilitation
The repainting project included a complete blast and new coating systems on the tank interior dry, interior wet, and exterior surfaces. In addition to a new coating system, several accessories were replaced, repaired, or upgraded, including modifications to the overflow pipe, replacement of the fill pipe insulation and jacketing, and addition of a roof handrail, light fixtures, double obstruction lights, a cathodic protection system, and conduit and cellular supports in the interior dry area and tank roof.

Ogden Street Watermain Replacement
The final project included 1,600 feet of 8-inch diameter watermain that replaced existing main along Ogden Street and through downtown on 4th Street. This segment of watermain was mostly old, undersized 4-inch diameter pipe with a history of expensive repairs. Another benefit of replacing this segment of watermain is that it completed a large 8-inch water main run from Well No. 3 to the existing water tower to improve system hydraulics and fire supply capabilities throughout the village. The project also included complete roadway replacement, new ADA accessible sidewalks, a bike path crossing for the Long Prairie Trail, and new driveway aprons and street crossings.


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