A system condition evaluation and improvement plan were completed to review the City of Worthington’s water system infrastructure. This also included a complete risk ranking of its water assets, and assistance with formulation of a capital improvement plan. We reviewed the available GIS information and conducted a data gap analysis to assist in preparing GIS information for use in an asset management risk ranking evaluation.

We worked with the City to generate key criteria for scoring the probability and consequence of failure as well as weighing factors based on relative importance. The criteria and the weighting factors were customized to meet Worthington’s specific community needs. Ultimately, the consequence and probability of failure scores were utilized to calculate a risk score for each water main. We developed a custom computer program that allows for real-time calculation and updates of the risk scores based on the most current GIS data, providing the City with a current understanding of its infrastructure risk, which they can view and utilize within the existing GIS system.

Completion of the risk ranking allowed us to work with the City to prioritize system improvements with associated estimated project costs and a long-term schedule for completion. We also provided guidance documents for ongoing maintenance of the system and assistance with funding resources for the individual projects.

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