Walmart approached the City of La Grange with plans to construct a new Super Walmart store requiring a fire flow of 2,000 gpm at a minimum pressure of 35 psi.  Having developed and maintained a water system network analysis as part of a comprehensive water system plan, we were hired by the City to model the water system improvements needed to provide for this flow.  We determined a 14-inch water line along the Highway 71 Loop would be required.  This line provided a connection between the City’s upper and middle pressure planes, thus pressure reducing valves were required to prevent overpressuring the middle pressure plane.  The design included 1,200 feet of water line mounted on the Loop 71 Colorado River Bridge, requiring TxDOT Bridge Division approval.  Walmart’s development schedule was very compressed, requiring us to conduct topographic surveys, design, and permitting for approximately 15,000 feet of 14-inch water line in 14 weeks.

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