We served as prime consultant for expansion and rehabilitation of an existing treatment plant, increasing the design flow capacity from 2.5 to 3.5 MGD. The new expansion included influent lift station, aerated grit removal, aeration basin, final clarifier (102-foot-diameter), chlorine contact basin, chlorination building and equipment, aerobic digester complex, 8,750-square-foot sludge dewatering building with belt filter presses and conveyance equipment, 2,500-square-foot operations building, and all related site work.

The state-of-the-art Class A sludge stabilization system greatly reduced sludge disposal restrictions, allowing the City to distribute the Class A sludge to customers for use as a soil conditioner. The design of the facility was complicated by extremely high influent sewage strengths (both BOD and TSS) contributed by local industrial customers. As a result, biological treatment capabilities of the plant had to be designed for extreme influent loadings representative of a 16 MGD facility.

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