The City of Fond du Lac required a solution that would address the goals of its Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Facility (WWTRRF) to:

  • Help local business stay and grow, while continuing to treat their high-strength waste.
  • Avoid or postpone expansion at the facility.
  • Facilitate biological phosphorus removal (BPR) by saving carbon to drive BPR and reduce the amount of nitrate to manage.
  • Lower ammonia removal costs.
  • Save energy.

We selected the Paques AnammoPAQ™ deammonification system to meet the goals identified by the City because it is compact and has a low capital cost compared to competing technologies. In addition, the deammonification process minimizes the use of carbon for nitrogen removal, optimizing BPR operations and improving performance and reducing costs for treatment. This is the first deammonification system in Wisconsin and the first installation in the United States using this specific technology.

This project eliminated, or at the very least, significantly postponed the City from constructing an overall treatment facility capacity expansion, which would have cost the ratepayers almost double the project cost. The project reused existing pumping and equalization facilities and constructed a new tank adjacent to the existing facilities. The solids removal pretreatment process was installed above the new tank. This compact layout helped to conserve existing space for future needs at the WWTRRF. The reuse of existing infrastructure reduced project costs and impacts to rate payers.

2020 ACEC Wisconsin Engineering Excellence State Finalist Award Winner

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