The City of Whitewater was designated by the USEPA and the WDNR as a permitted municipality under the Phase 2 NPDES Stormwater Rules. In response to this designation and in an effort to protect Whitewater Creek, Tripp Lake, Cravath Lake, and other local water resources, the City budgeted funds to develop a comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan.

We were hired to develop the plan for the City. We obtained funding for the plan on behalf of the City through completion and submittal of an Urban Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Grant application to the WDNR.

In conjunction with this plan, we completed a Stormwater Utility (SWU) Feasibility Study. For this study, we completed an impervious area analysis and ERU estimate. We facilitated formation of a SWU Task Force that consisted of representatives from the commercial, manufacturing, tax exempt, and governmental sectors of the city. The task force provided input and guidance to development of the rate structure, credit policy, and overall utility organization. The Feasibility Study was unanimously approved by the City Council and the SWU was subsequently adopted.

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