Our firm has served the Harrison County Water Association continuously since 1974, and we recently assisted in preparing a master plan for the long-range expansion of water service to the Association’s entire service area. Expansion projects were divided into 10 different phases, spanning a 25-year period. Our firm also helped the Association obtain funding sources, such as CDBG and KIA grants, and a USDA Rural Utilities Service Water and Waste loan and grant of $1.8 million. Our understanding of and experience with the funding process resulted in the project being completely funded without an increase in rates to Association customers.

The Phase 10 water main extension project included the design of two booster pump stations, approximately 27 miles of main, and related additions. The design process also involved creating a hydraulic model of the entire system to analyze the water main extension. This hydraulic model was used to evaluate several water main extension alternatives, as well as obtain Kentucky Division of Water construction permits. Once complete, the project provided a reliable source of potable water for 102 unserved users, as well as 500 underserved users.

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