We helped Parkersburg Utility Board upgrade its network and improve its security posture.

To keep technology current and provide a better security framework, we reconfigured the Utility’s network and upgraded the server and PC infrastructure. A new firewall was put into place and the network was segmented into separate virtual LANs (VLAN) to keep traffic from different departments separate. Data was migrated from old servers facing end-of-life support to new, more secure operating systems.

To prevent data loss, a backup system that handles virtual servers was updated and relocated to a different building to provide better disaster resilience. Existing PCs were replaced with Windows 10 PCs, and new group policy objects (GPOs) were introduced to secure those systems. We also worked with the Utility to make sure payment card industry (PCI) audits are successful, so credit card payments can be accepted.

Services Provided:

  • Information technology
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