The City of Madison’s Master Plan called for demolition and replacement of the existing 1930s Well 7 facilities, which had obsolete equipment and did not meet current code requirements.  The new building contains a revised wellhead, a 500,000-gallon reinforced concrete reservoir; two variable frequency drive-controlled horizontal split case booster pumps, each capable of pumping approximately 3 mgd; a 3 mgd pyrolucite filtration plant; a backwash holding/recycling tank; a 650 kW diesel-powered standby generator; new electrical gear; and chemical feed equipment. The new facility has a larger footprint than existing, which required the acquisition and demolition of two adjacent houses to obtain the necessary space.

The appearance and siting of the facility was subject to rigorous City of Madison requirements, as well as requirements from the Madison Water Utility (MWU) Public Participation Plan.  Specialized architectural support for the project was provided by an outside architect team member.

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