Located in an urban neighborhood, this 60-year-old private University implemented an aggressive growth plan for a student population projected to quadruple in the next few years. Since the fall of 2009, we have provided comprehensive civil engineering and land surveying services for several projects, including a new 5,000-seat arena, recreation facilities, outdoor event spaces, dormitories, classroom buildings, and parking lots/garages.

We created a base map from our campus-wide topographic survey and utility inventory, which became essential to the ongoing planning/ conceptual design effort for all improvements. ALTA surveys and legal descriptions helped acquire multiple parcels/easements. We also performed traffic analyses and made intersection improvements.

The expeditious schedule and choreography of multiple overlapping projects resulted in nearly impossible concurrent deadlines, requiring a whirlwind of coordination efforts. Under both independent assignments and as part of architectural design teams, our sound design documents and quick turnarounds have been vital to maintain critical schedules.

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