We performed plan development, design, and construction-related services for improvements at a regional wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) that serves several municipalities and industries nearby.

The influent pumping station contained outdated screw pumps that exhibited significant deterioration, causing a decrease in pumping capacity that led to overflows and surcharging of sewers. New screw pumps with larger capacity and new controls were installed. Existing dissolved air flotation (DAF) units were installed at the same time as the old screw pumps and their performance had severely deteriorated. Replacement of the DAF system reduced overall solids handling costs and improved effluent quality.

Three existing activated sludge centrifugal blowers were replaced with new energy-efficient, high-speed turbo blowers along with new aeration controls to provide greater control of aeration, flexibility for future nutrient removal, and energy savings. A new 330kW biogas generator, biogas cleaning equipment, and related control system upgrades were also installed. A remote manual/automatic switching station was added to eliminate the need for personnel to manually operate 12.47kV switches directly in front of the switchgear.

Much of the existing SCADA system was outdated and the operators had limited flexibility in controlling the operations. Existing control systems were demolished, and a new state-of-the-art system installed. All electrical equipment, field devices, instrumentation, lighting, and control panels were replaced in all process buildings that house equipment.

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