We designed high voltage switchyard upgrades for a long-time industrial client.

We designed a complete 69kV switchyard upgrade at the client’s Toledo, Ohio, facility. The project was identified during an overall plant assessment we performed for the electrical distribution system. Among the highest priority items was the lack of redundancy in the supply of power to several critical processes. The project replaces the existing single path of supply with fully redundant paths from the utility service drop to the plant substations, including two 69kV breakers, two (69kV and 6.9kV) transformers, each capable of serving the plant at full capacity, and a main-tie-main 6.9kV switchgear to serve the existing loop-fed distribution system.  The addition of 6.9kV active capacitor banks in the switchyard will save more than $140,000 annually in utility charges.

Services Provided:

  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
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