In partnership with Sheboygan County, Kohler Company, and the Village of Kohler, we developed plans for the reconstruction of approximately 1.7 miles of CTH PP, an arterial roadway leading into the Village of Kohler. The existing roadway was wider than needed for current and projected traffic volumes. The cross section was reduced throughout the project to better serve the corridor. A three-lane, urban cross section with a center two-way left-turn lane replaced the existing four-lane, urban portion, and a two-lane, rural cross section replaced the existing four-lane rural portion. A multiuse path was incorporated to provide a multimodal connection between the village and City of Sheboygan, promoting the County’s nonmotorized transportation goals.

We designed profile adjustments and curb and gutter, both cost-effective solutions, to help achieve the County’s goal of avoiding right-of-way impacts along the project. We also designed two roundabouts  – one at the intersection with CTH A and the other at Highland Drive. Both roundabouts proved to be feasible alternatives supported by stakeholders. In addition, new guardrail was installed on an existing bridge, staged construction maintained access to businesses and residences, new lighting was included along the roadway and multiuse path, and a failing 14-foot-tall bin wall that held up CTH PP adjacent to the Sheboygan River was replaced with a mechanically-stabilized earth wall.

The CTH PP reconstruction had an aggressive schedule, completing survey, design, and plan submittal in 7 months. A public information meeting was held where many Village residents expressed excitement for the planned improvements. This short design timeline required efficient communication within our design team and with Sheboygan County.

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