Replacement of a two-span steel deck girder bridge over the Sugar River in Paoli considered both safety and aesthetics. The new bridge (B-13-682) is a 116-foot, two-span, 28-inch prestressed girder structure with a clear roadway width of 36 feet.

The Village of Paoli’s extensive recreational opportunities, such as biking, kayaking, and canoeing, make it a popular day trip destination. As such, the aesthetics and safety of the bridge were major concerns for the Village. Concrete formliner and concrete staining on the structure parapet and piers ensured that the structure matched the historic look of the downtown. Decorative railing was also installed on the new structure. In addition, residential and commercial areas are located on both sides of the Sugar River, and many customers park on one side of the bridge and walk across it to businesses on the other, further emphasizing the need for increased pedestrian safety measures. The proposed bridge width was chosen in order to provide two 12-foot traffic lanes and two 6-foot shoulders for bicyclists. Pedestrians are accommodated with concrete sidewalk on each side of the bridge.

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