The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (District) service area near Cleveland, Ohio, sought to address their combined sewer overflows (CSOs).  Our firm worked with the District to complete a system-wide green infrastructure planning evaluation to identify potential projects to reduce CSOs.  This planning evaluation supported a portion of the District’s long-term plan for CSO reduction known as Project Clean Lake.  The potential projects were then ranked based on the projected costs and water quality benefits.  The Fairhill-MLK project was selected as one of the first three green infrastructure projects to be designed and constructed and, as such, was called the ‘green infrastructure ambassador’ project.

The Fairhill-MLK Green Infrastructure Ambassador project has been considered one of the premier green infrastructure projects implemented to-date by the District. The project ultimately consisted of the design of significant sewer separation over an area of approximately 50 acres, water quality treatment and detention in a 20,000-square-foot, two-tiered bioretention basin in Ambler Park, and a new public plaza area with stormwater educational components. The project captures and treats approximately 7 million gallons of stormwater per year, resulting in a reduction of approximately 2 million gallons per year of CSO to Lake Erie.

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