The Oak Creek Water and Sewer Utility has a surface water treatment plant on Lake Michigan. The Utility provides water service to the city as well as large wholesale customers to the west and south of the city. The City wished to update its Water System Master Plan to identify improvements necessary to address potential future needs of the Utility’s customers.

A new hydraulic computer model, created in WaterGEMS with existing GIS data, shows all pipes,valves, and fire hydrants. The model was calibrated using fire flow test data. Steady-state and extended period simulations were completed under current and future conditions.  In accordance with an existing agreement between the two entities, flow control between the Utility and its largest wholesale customer was also evaluated.

The revised master plan identified additional treatment and pumping capacity needs at the plant, additional booster pumping capacity needs in the high zone serving the largest wholesale customer, and the need for a transmission main to achieve additional flow in the western portion of the city.

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