The Village of Fredonia has a 0.24 MGD daily average flow wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) that was constructed in the late 1970s and has had minor upgrades since. The plant is run by one operator and includes screening, grit removal, influent pumping, primary clarification, biological treatment with a bio tower and activated sludge, final clarification and disinfection. We were hired to complete a facilities plan for the WWTP. We completed design and construction of two recommendations in the plan including conversion of the disinfection process from chlorination/dichlorination to ultraviolet (UV) disinfection and the addition of a sludge storage tank. In addition, we designed a new building on a section of the tank that was no longer required to house electrical equipment, the effluent sampler, and provide storage for the UV system bulbs when not in use.

The WWTP also needed additional sludge storage and redundancy in the sludge storage system. The existing glass lined tank was nearing capacity and beginning to show signs of corrosion. A new concrete 367,000-gallon sludge storage tank was constructed which allows an additional 104 days of storage and provides redundancy to allow the existing steel tank to be taken out of service and repaired. The new tank is located next to the existing tank to allow sludge transfer and maximize the remainder of the available site for future expansion.

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