Waunakee’s 300,000-gallon elevated tank located adjacent to Ripp Park was in need of repainting. The original tank coatings were nearly 20 years old and various repairs were needed on the tank. Ripp Park is located on the west side of the village in a heavily used and highly visible park setting. Completion of the project required consideration of ongoing activities at the park, including organized tennis events at the nearby courts and an annual community festivity around the Fourth of July. Coordination with the Utility, Village, and contractor was very important.

Bid alternatives were taken to obtain pricing for partial abrasive blasting and for a high performance fluoropolymer exterior coating system. Incorporating various bid alternatives allowed the Utility to evaluate these options based on competitive bids.

Upon completion of the bidding documents, we assisted the Utility with the advertisement and bidding process. Our involvement during execution of the work included periodic site visits during surface preparation and painting to determine if the project met  the specifications.

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