This project involved rehabilitating the existing bridge carrying State Road (SR) 62 over Dry Run Creek. This roadway is classified as a rural major collector with a projected traffic volume of 880 vehicles per day. Our firm provided the inspection report and design services.

 The existing 11-span, steel beam bridge had a concrete deck with some deterioration but, overall, the bridge was in fair condition.  Four of the interior concrete bents had severe deterioration on the concrete bent caps.  The steel beams and bearings also showed severe corrosion at these locations. The proposed construction removed the entire superstructure and replaced the existing Grade 36 beams with Grade 50 weathering steel beams, which require no painting and minor future maintenance.  The new concrete deck was poured composite with the steel beams to reduce vibration due to live loads and to increase durability of the superstructure.  New interior concrete bents were constructed to replace the bents that had deteriorated.

Approximately 3 months before final plans were due, INDOT decided to replace all of the existing steel beams on the bridge. To meet the original schedule as requested by the INDOT Project Manager, our team adjusted schedules and utilized additional staff to complete all additional design work and plan preparation within the original project schedule.

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