We assisted the City of Galena with implementation of energy monitoring and conservation enhancements via their SCADA system, and the results created an idea for solar power generation. A 1.6-acre area of flat land had excellent southern exposure and was the perfect spot for a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The City secured funding from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation for up to 60 percent of the project cost.

The construction contract was awarded in April and the system was producing power just 4 months later. On a typical sunny day, the solar PV system produces more electricity than the wastewater treatment facility draws at its peak. The excess power is sold to the electric Utility. The combination of forgoing purchase of power for the treatment facility and selling excess power is projected to  save the City more than $50,000 annually, resulting in a project payback of 12 years or less.

We assisted the City with site layout, electrical infrastructure design, equipment specifications, bidding, construction, and electric Utility interface.

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