The primary pumping station (PS) in the Columbus City Utilities (CCU) system, the Haw Creek Headworks Screening and PS, collects flow from the existing gravity system and conveys it via two 30-inch force mains to the new wastewater treatment plant.

The PS uses a “headbox” approach to convey excess flow to storage basins and, by taking advantage of elevation difference between the basins and trunk sewers, excess flow is returned by gravity. This results in reduced operation costs, elmination of a return PS, and reduction in the number of valves and large diameter pipes needed.

The PS intake structure combines flows from the 108-inch diameter Water Street sewer and the 54-inch Maple Grove sewer for conveyance to the screening facilities. Two mechanical fine screens treat up to 240 mgd, with a third, coarse bypass screen provided for emergencies and capable of being converted to an additional filter screen in the future. Screened CSO flow is pumped to a head box using up to six 33,000 gpm lift pumps. Firm capacity is provided by five pumps, with the sixth serving as backup.

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