Awards: ACEC IL Special Achievement Award

Illinois’ first federally funded roundabout corridor was constructed by the Lake County Division of Transportation utilizing CMAQ funds.  Hunt Club Road is a highly traveled, two-lane, high-speed rural arterial in Lake County, Illinois.  The combination of peak-hour congestion and long queues resulted in backups and delays at some side road intersections.  As an alternative to traffic signals and associated turn lanes, the Lake County Division of Transportation hired us to perform Phase I and Phase II services for planning and design of the first roundabout corridor in the county.  This 0.75-mile project between Milburn Road and Wadsworth Road replaced two existing “T” intersections with two, single-lane roundabouts.  Hunt Club Road was also widened and resurfaced between the two roundabouts to provide bicycle and equestrian accommodations.  Geometric design at the Hunt Club Road and Millburn roundabout allows for future expansion to a dual-lane roundabout by modifying the splitter islands and internal island.

Extensive coordination with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) was required to gain approval for the ultimate dual-lane roundabout design, the first in Illinois. The IDOT Bureau of Local Roads and Federal guidelines were followed.  Right of way and utilities were designed to accommodate the ultimate build-out while only single-lane roundabouts were constructed.  The project was designed to fit into the beautiful country setting by utilizing natural construction materials and plantings, also while providing utilitarian value.  The roundabouts include ornamental street lighting, PTZ cameras at each roundabout, right-of-way plats, 0.50 acres of wetland mitigation addressing frequent flooding and roadway overtopping issues, floodplain avoidance, drainage, utility coordination and relocations, sidewalks and bicycle paths, traffic control and detouring, and permitting through USACOE and LCSMC.  The project was funded with both federal (CMAQ) and local funds.

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