Our firm provided airport planning and engineering for Harrison County for several improvement projects. Most recently, we assisted the County in major pavement upgrades, including rehabilitation of existing pavement with PCC pavement on the middle apron and northwest hangar access taxiway, rehabilitation of RW 15-33, several hangar access and parallel taxiways using refined coal tar emulsion slurry seal, and the reconstruction of RW 2-20 with dense-graded hot-mix asphalt. Improvements also included installation of an internally lighted windcone, painting of the existing segmented circle, replacement of the existing threshold lighting with SE-Type threshold lighting, replacement of the beacon with a new rotating beacon and tower, and replacement of guide sign panels. Prior to this project, we managed construction of a ten-unit nested T-hangar with multisection rolling wheel doors and associated pavement. Most recently, we assisted the County with the construction phase for a new eight-unit nested T-hangar and one jet-pod hangar unit with bifold doors and associated concrete hangar access taxiways.

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