The Village of Prairie du Sac hired our firm to perform a Downtown Parking Needs Assessment. The goals of this study were to look at existing usage of downtown parking, estimate future parking demands, and develop a plan of how to best manage and accommodate the projected future parking needs.

We conducted a parking usage survey, inventoried existing parking, and developed a future parking demand forecast, which reflected anticipated development in the downtown area. The parking inventory and usage survey indicated that modifications to the existing parking facilities could lead to better usage of the existing capacity. Several recommendations to maximize the capacity of the existing parking stalls were suggested and have been or will be implemented.

For the long-term recommendations, several known or planned developments were analyzed. The parking demand for each location was determined using the Institute for Transportation Engineers (ITE) Parking Generation, 3rd Edition manual. Based on this analysis, a target number of parking stalls for the new developments was determined and the need for a new off-street public parking facility was identified to accommodate the additional demand.

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