Events, Presentations and Booth Exhibits

Strand Confrences

Our staff is active professionally. We attend conferences to expand our knowledge and remain on the forefront of technology and solutions, and to also share our knowledge and experiences through presentations that showcase noteworthy projects or topics. We look forward to connecting with you at any of the following events:

Ohio Water and Environment Association (OWEA) 2019 Technical Conference & Expo –  June 24-27 in Huron, OH

At this conference, we will have several presentations, including: A Look Into Phosphorus Design, presented by Jamie Mills; Navigating Regulatory Mandates with Limited Funds and Resources, presented by Kris Ruggles; Retrofitting a Pump Station for Intermediate and Future Use, presented by Adam Athmer; Fond du Lac’s Sidestream Deammonification Project – Design, Startup, and Lessons Learned, presented by Randy Wirtz and Jamie Mills; and Hamilton, Ohio – WWTP Biosolids and Energy Master Planning, presented by Randy Wirtz and Jenn Delebreau, along with representatives from the City of Hamilton.

Indiana Water Environment Association (IWEA) 2019 Annual Conference – August 21-23 in Fort Wayne, IN

At this conference, we will have two presentations: Troubleshooting Filamentous Organisms Results in Development of Operational Tools, presented by Kevin Earnest and Extending Sewers While Eliminating Lift Stations, presented by Matthew Smith and a representative from TriCo Regional Sewer Utility.

Wisconsin Section of the American Water Works Association (WIAWWA) Annual Meeting – September 11-13 in Madison, WI

At this conference, we will have two presentations: Developing and Implementing the Facilities Plan at J Avenue Water Treatment Plant, presented by Steve Kluesner and It’s Complicated; A Utility’s Search to Maximize Water Quality, presented by Ryan Wood.

Past Presentations

WATERCON 2019 – March 18-21 in Springfield, IL

At this conference, we had a few presentations: Developing the Facilities Plan Along J Avenue by Brian Hackman; When, Where, and How To Use Variable Frequency Drives by Brent Studnicka; A SCADA System Primer by Brent Studnicka; Corrosion Control and Lead Mitigation In Water Systems by Brian Hackman; and Low Level Phosphorus Removal Experience In Wisconsin Provides Valuable Data For Developing P-Removal Studies in Illinois by Dominic Gattone and Tim Juskiewicz.

Wisconsin Rural Water Association (WRWA) Annual Technical Conference – March 26-29 in La Crosse, WI

We had a booth at this conference. We also had a presentation titled: Corrosion Control Treatment Studies: Desktop vs Demonstration, presented by Andy Mullendore.

Indiana Rural Water Association 2019 Spring Conference – April 15-17 in Indianapolis, IN

We had a presentation titled: New Well Field Development, Planning, and Engineering Considerations, presented by Jim McNulty.

American Public Works Association (APWA) Illinois Chapter Conference – May 2-3 in Peoria, IL

At this conference, we had a presentation titled: City of Joliet’s CSO Tunnel and Wet Weather Treatment Facility, presented by Troy Stinson and a representative from the City of Joliet.

Ohio Stormwater Conference – May 8-10 in Cincinnati, OH

We had multiple presentations, including: Cover Your Assets: Long-Term Solutions to Stream Erosion, presented by Kelly Kuhbander; Forest Preserve Restoration Provides Backbone for Major Flood Mitigation Project, presented by John Lyons; and Capitalizing on Redevelopment to Reduce Flooding in Downtown Lexington, presented by Chris Rust.

Water Environment Federation (WEF) Collection Systems 2019 Conference –  June 4-7 in Indianapolis, IN

At this conference, we will have a presentation titled: True Integrated Planning – Using Clean Water Act Investments to Transform a Cincinnati Community, presented by Michael Ellerbrock.

Iowa Water Environment Association (IAWEA) Annual Conference –  June 5-6 in Altoona, IA

At this conference, we will have a presentation titled: Fond du Lac’s Sidestream Deammonification Project: Design, Startup, and Lessons Learned, presented by Randy Wirtz.

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