Events, Presentations and Booth Exhibits

Strand Confrences

Our staff is active professionally. We attend conferences to expand our knowledge and remain on the forefront of technology and solutions, and to also share our knowledge and experiences through presentations that showcase noteworthy projects or topics. We look forward to connecting with you at any of the following events:

2020 Illinois Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management (IAFSM) Conference – March 11-12 in Tinley Park, IL

At this conference, we will have a presentation titled: Village of Midlothian Stormwater Management Capital Plan, presented by Kelsey Andersen. 

Indiana Water Environment Association (IWEA) Core Conference – March 11 in Greenwood, IN

At this conference, we will have two presentations: Water Plant Risk Monetization for PFOA, VOCs, Nitrates, and Wastewater Impacts, presented by Kevin Earnest and Fond du Lac’s Sidestream Deammonification Project – Design, Startup, and Lessons Learned, presented by Brandi Rodriguez. 

Illinois Section American Water Works Association (ISAWWA) Annual Conference and Expo WATERCON – March 23-26 in Springfield, IL

At this conference, we will have several presentations: A Shortcut to Nitrogen Removal Process for a Wisconsin WWTP, presented by Bradley Lake; BPR Startup and Troubleshooting at Village of Cary, Illinois WWTP, presented by Mike Ott; Chlorination System Improvements To Replace Gas Chlorine, presented by Brian Hackman; Water Quality Modeling To Improve Distribution Disinfection, also presented by Brian Hackman; Finding Value through a Phased Construction Approach, presented by Dominic Gattone; SCADA Graphics Comparison, presented by Brent Studnicka; Motor Starters, also presented by Brent Studnicka; and System Improvements for New Pressure Zone and Water Source in Gurnee, presented by Tim Scholz and a representative from the Village of Gurnee.

Water Environment Association (WEF) National Stormwater Symposium 2020 – March 15-17 in Cincinnati, OH

At this conference, we will have a presentation titled: Optimizing Stormwater Management for Stream Integrity – A Northern Kentucky Case Study on the Science and Implementation, presented by Chris Rust. 

29th Annual Iowa Water Environment Association (IAWEA) Biosolids Conference – March 18 in Ankeny, IA

At this conference, we will have a presentation titled: City of Davenport WPC – Biosolids & Struvite Study, presented by Randy Wirtz and Ethan Yen. 

Illinois Wastewater Professionals Conference (IWPC) 2020 – April 20-22 in Springfield, IL

At this conference, we will have a presentation titled: Implementing BPR Using Existing Infrastructure for the Village of Cary, Illinois, presented by Michael Ott. 


Past Presentations

American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA) Technology Transfer Workshop – October 1-3 in Milwaukee, WI

We had a presentation titled: MF/UF Membrane Service Life and Replacement in the Lake Michigan Region, presented by Brian Hackman.

Wisconsin Wastewater Operators’ Association (WWOA) 53rd Annual Conference – October 8-11 in Green Bay, WI

We had a booth at this conference. We also had several presentations, including: Practical Uses for Excel at POTWs, a Pre-Conference Workshop presented by Troy Larson; Round Peg in a Square Hole: Manitowoc’s Novel Clarifier Replacement Project Adds System Flexibility, presented by Troy Larson and Phil Severson, along with representatives from the City of Manitowoc; Tricks of the Trade, presented by Troy Larson and Randy Oliphant, along with representatives from the City of Oconomowoc and NEW Water; Evaluating Lagoon Upgrades for Increasingly Stringent Effluent Limits, presented by Travis Anderson; and CIPP Lining: Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned for the Collection System Owner, presented by Ryan Yentz and Randy Langer.

Indiana Water Environment Association (IWEA) Specialty Conference – October 30 in Columbus, IN

We had two presentations: Greenwood’s Annual Lining: Rethinking the Approach to Sewer Lining Maximizes Use of City’s Budget, presented by Ashley Getz and Not Just Another Report – Use Your LTCP Update to its Full Potential, presented by Bill Porter.

Association of Metropolitan Milwaukee Area (AMMA) Public Works Administrators & Engineers Meeting – December 13 in Milwaukee, WI

We had a presentation at this meeting titled: Updating your Water System’s Risk and Resiliency Assessment, presented by Ben Wood. 

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